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Snom 720 CO Lines


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I noticed a rather weird issue with the Snom 720 and the CO lines when an auto-attendant is involved.


The scenario goes like this:


A call comes in and hits the attendant. On all the phones the first line lights up as they await for the caller to choose the option on the AA. Once a call is made to say ext 221 (Snom 720) the user of the phone now sees two co lines being used, but this is still the only call on the system. This type of scenario doesn't occur when a Snom 320 is involved, only the first line gets lit up during the entire call flow.


Is there a feature or setting that's causing the Snom 720 to use two buttons instead of one for a single incoming call?


I was able to circumvent the system from taking the second CO line button by creating a private line but unfortunately that is one too many lights for some individuals.



Edit: Forgot to mention the firmwares.


Snom 720:

Snom 320:

PBX: 5.3.2.a


Thanks for your time.

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I have been playing around with some of the firmware's and decided to use the patch version


It seemed to have fixed the phone from taking an extra CO line for an incoming call from an attendant. Just out of testing sake i did put back the latest firmware and the same issue came out. So it would seem to be a firmware related nuisance.


Hope this helps to whoever else runs into the same issue.

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