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Rest API call to determine call 'state'


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We are currently trying to determine what API to call in order to get a Call State. Right now we are are able to get a 'connected' and 'alerting' state however there is no information coming through the API which indicates a call is 'holding'.


Currently getting information using GET /rest/user/101%40ncoc.mycompany.us/wallboard HTTP/1.1 - to get a number of data about the call


We can get some of this information through a websocket session, that being said, we cannot solve the following scenario purely via websocket: (hence why we are using a combination of REST and Websocket)


We have 3 callers calling to ACD 123:

Caller 1 Connected - ACD 123

Caller 2 Connected - ACD 123

Caller 3 Connected - ACD 123


Given that an Agent can only have 1 Connected state against a Caller i.e. Agent can only speak to one person at at time, it means the other 2 Calls would be in a Holding State - which we cannot find a reliable method to establish.


Any thoughts?




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