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Vodia 0.58 provisioning Htek UC840


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On a Vodia 0.58, I can not provision a htek UC840.

Log UC840 :

[06-27 04:09:00 1b:70:da] HTTPC GetFile: Fail!!!

[06-27 04:09:00 1b:70:da] HTTPC get cfg001fc11b70da from FQDN_PBX:80 Fail

[06-27 04:09:00 1b:70:da] GetXmlMacCfgFileByHTTP: Config file path cfg001fc11b70da.xml, line 3090

[06-27 04:09:00 1b:70:da] HTTPC: Need Resolve Domain FQDN_PBX

[06-27 04:09:00 1b:70:da] HTTPC: Resolve Domain FQDN_PBX, IP

[06-27 04:09:00 1b:70:da] HTTPC: Resolve Domain FQDN_PBX, IP

[06-27 04:09:00 1b:70:da] CfgUpgradeOpen(Protocol HTTP, Port 80, Filename cfg001fc11b70da.xml)

[06-27 04:09:00 1b:70:da] HttpCOpen - AF_INET (4)

[06-27 04:09:00 1b:70:da] Image_1 Read Head: len = 512

[06-27 04:09:00 1b:70:da] HttpCOpen: HTTP Command Size 157 bytes, Command:

GET /cfg001fc11b70da.xml HTTP/1.1


User-Agent: Htek UC840 00:1f:c1:1b:70:da

Accept: */*

Connection: Keep-Alive

Yet since a web browser the cfg001fc11b70da.xml file is accessible and looks full.


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