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Video Intercom and Electric Locks


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Hi All,

We have been using Vodia through one of the cloud providers, so I only really have experience as an end users.  We have found the platform fantastic, in comparison to the Astrix Fork we moved from.

I have been asked to assist a friend get his large house modernised.  They currently have an Siemens  Openstage 80 system.  They chose it, as it was the only system at the time they could find that would work with a video door station and allow the opening of electronic locks for gates and doors. It is also poorly configured and only works 80% of the time.

The solution I was looking for was something that would allow the doorstation and locks to function without Internet.  They do not have much demand on the phone system itself, so I was looking at the Vodia IOP as a great solution.  The door station and handsets would need to be the best screens around.  I was looking at Yealink T58a and Openstage for the door station, only because I am familiar with them.  The locks are activated via an ATA.

I am hoping that someone more experienced than me will be able to give me some guidance as to the best hardware.  Budget is not a primary factor, they have put up with a poor system for 7 years and they want something that just works like it should.

I would also be interested in having any Vodia techs/businesses in Sydney Australia reach out to me, as I am a MSP with clients needing assistance.




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