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simple cdr format

Darcy Primrose

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Currently using (Linux)


We use the simple cdr format to send billing info to the call tracker. The string we request is as follows:




The "type{$v}" parameter is sending type "attendant" for a call that routes directly to an extension when the call is presented to the pbxnsip as a DID. The CDR is as follows:{voip.voipsub.com}Day{20081123}Hour{075324}Date{20081123075324}Direction{I



4@voip.voipsub.com}Account{}Redirected{}ToHeader{"Test Phone" <sip:6135293304@voip.voipsub.com>}FromHeader{"Anonymous " <sip:anonymous@voip.voipsub.com:5060;user=phone>}Connected{1227444804}Answered{3}Ringing{1}CallId{6135293304.1227458822.116@M



The type should be "extcall" or perhaps a new parameter "calltoext" since that is what it actually is versus an extension making a call.


Here is the list of accounts in the domain


211;Snom 321;Extension;00041328704A

212;second 2;Extension;0004132C0165





6135290000;Darcy One;Extension;000E08ECB460

6135290001;Marnie Two;Extension;000E08ECB460

6135293304;Test Phone;Extension;

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