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Bit of a feature request rather than a question I suspect, but here goes.


A lot of our PBX's are sold to people who have several phones on a single extension, i.e. one in the office, one at home, one at their villa in France. A common complaint is that if they're on the phone in one location, and a call comes in to their extension, instead of getting a busy and going to VM, it rings the other extensions. To me, that's obvious, and the solution is to put DND on the other phones when they're not there. However, they're human, so sometimes forget.


Is there a solution to this? Something like an extension level setting that says "single user" or something, so if the PBX gets a busy on one phone, it knows not to carry on ringing it elsewhere?


I know it's a bit of a bodge, and I don't really have a good solution. However I can see what the user wants, and it'd be nice if I were able to make him happy :)


Any ideas??

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The way I handle this is I assign several extension to each of the phones. I have a different button for each outside line and assign the trunks to ring those extensions. The office line shows on a different button so it is clear that it is the office line. For example.


101 office phone

102 office phone

140 home line at office

201 home phone

202 home phone

240 office line at home


At the office every phone has a 10x button and a 140 button.

At home every phone has a 20x button and a 240 button.

The office trunk rings a hunt group which rings the 10x extensions for 7 seconds then rings the 10x extensions plus the 240 extension for 15 seconds then goes to voice mail.


I also have an office hunt group that just rings the 10x extensions. It never rings the 240 extension an never goes to voice mail. If you want to call someone at the office you dial 100 and all the extensions ring.


You can repeat this patern for several locations. I also have a button on one home phone registered to the main extansion at a retail outlet. It is set to not ring but if you are sitting there you can see the light flash and the caller id and decide if you want to answer. You can also see the voice mail light and easily pickup messages.

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