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Auto-attendant suggestions


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The challenge:

If direct destinations are enabled, you have to make sure your extensions don't collide (eg option 1 for sales prevents outside callers from reaching extensions that start with a 1 like 111).


My suggestion is to add these two options to the Edit Auto-Attendant web page:


- Add a customer-adjustable initial time period for the auto-attendant for the caller to dial an extension before pbxnsip acts on the dialing for direct destinations. Many systems work this way where you can dial an extension in the first 5 seconds while the auto-attendant greeting plays. After that time period lapses, typing the options would override if there's a conflict with extension numbers.


- Have a direct destination that allows an extension to be typed. For example, if you have 3-digit extensions, you might have option 1 be the prefix for dialing a direct extension. So if you're extension is 211, the caller would type 1211 to reach you. This would allow them to avoid a conflict if you have a direct extension for 2.


One other suggestion for the auto-attendant, I think "For human resources..." should be added to the dropdown list (along with the associated audio). Lots of companies get calls from prospective employees and want to be able to connect them to the appropriate department.

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