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Challenges with auto-attendant pauses


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Got the auto-attendant setup as extension 777 with these options:

1# calls a hunt group for sales

2# calls an agent group for tech support

3# calls a hunt group for human resources

4# calls the hunt group for finance

5# dial by name

0# connects to an extension designated as the operator


Extensions are 3-digits.


When I test it by dialing 777 from my extension, it works perfectly. If I type in an extension briskly, it connects to the correct extension (even if the first digit is one of the direct destinations above).


When I call our trunk from my cell phone, I get the auto-attendant. But if I try to type in an extension number (same pace as when I do it from my extension), it connects to one of the direct destinations instead. For example, I try typing 100 but it connects me to 1 (sales hunt group). I realize I could renumber all of my extensions to be in the 600 or 900 range but it's a pain to do that and it would change how I wanted to organize extensions.


It works so well from internally. I just don't understand what the issue is from outside calls. Anyone have any suggestions?

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