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Software Upgrade

Bill H

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I am a complete know nothing on Linux.


Not important. What you need to know is how to easily manage these puppies....


Begin by first logging into the box using an SSH client. The most popular is PUTTY.EXE


The login name is ROOT and the default password is listed on a sheet of paper or send an email to support for the default. Many people will not change this and why spread the love.


Visit www.debian.org and download their quick reference cards.... http://www.debian.org/doc is a good place to start....


Download the following TOOLS WINSCP


This will give you an easy way to access files and folders on the CS410 in a Windows Explorer interface with Drag n Drop from local disk to the CS410 DISK..


You should be able to find a small ISO download of Linux Debian with a few googles...


I suggest installing the freeVMWARE stuff or other Virtual tools and install the Debian onto your desktop to learn a bit more...

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What OS are you using to access the CS410?

Because one thing is the OS the CS410 uses (which is Linux) and the other one is the OS you use to access the CS410. If it's windows, you just donwload the software upgrade on your PC and uploaded via web browser to the CS410 and reboot the appliace.

It's that simple.



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Which version of Linux does the CS-410 use?


Technically the OS appears to Debian 3.1


download putty.exe and log into your "test" unit as root..


some useful tools are netstat (show network settings)

dmesg (show how the system las booted)

top (show running processes)

Ctrl-X or Ctrl-C stops TOP...I forget


A very useful tool is PING (you know that works)

tcpdump -i eth0 port 5060 will show all SIP traffic....


TCPDUMP can also create a capture file that can be displayed in ethereal - wireshark.



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