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Mediatrix 1204 firmware upgrade


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I can walk you through any Mediatrix product upgrade.


First download the new firmware from their web site. (Enterprise SIP 1100/1200)


After that extract the content of the ZIP file on your computer let's say c:\Mediatrix


You should now have c:\Mediatrix\1204\setup.inf


Start PumKIN or another TFTP server and point the root folder to c:\Mediatrix\1204


The Setup.inf is the file the 1204 will be looking for first.


Then in the web page :

Firmware Download Server Source: Static

Firmware Download Protocol: TFTP

Username password empty

Firmware Download Primary Server Host: IP address of the TFTP server (your PC)

Firmware Download Primary Server Port: 69 (default tftp port)

Firmware Location Provision Source: Static

Firmware Location: Empty


Then go the Management -> Admin and select softwareDownload in the system command.


Hope it helps !

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