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I am not sure I am on the right path here, but here is my dilema and what I am thinking might work??


I have two agent groups one has 2 users the other has 3 users. We need all users to be able to pick up the others calls if needed. The problem is that users walk away from their desk and don't logout or put their phones on DND this is an issue when only one or two people are logged into the agent group.


I was wondering if I put their extenstions in a hunt group if the others will be able to pick up the calls with just *87, there aren't enough buttons for what they need to put a *87218, *87219 etc on the phone, and sometimes they don't know who it is ringing. I am not 100 percent sure the agent group is working correctly either, once the call is ringing at a desk nobody else can get the call.


Thanks for any input or advice.

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