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I am curious to see what you all think are the best ITSP providers for PBXnSIP in terms of reliability, call quality, even cost. If you've had bad experiences with certain providers, I'd be interested to hear about those as well.



I have been using Callcentric (www.callcentric.com) for awhile and it works well.


I had an intermittant "one way voice" trouble when I first signed on. My service wasn't even going through PBXnSIP at that time.


They stuck with it until it was cleared up. Price??? You get what you pay for. I have 3 incomming channels (lines) for $8.95 / mo USD.


Your needs may be different. You can also get a Callcentric Network number for free and use it in and out for free.


If you have friends with SIP phones any place on earth you can talk for free

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Guest kevin

I agree callcentric is the easiest to set up and you can call each other directly with their numbers and even have free accounts. If you sign up please put in pbxnsip's agent ID so we can get credit for the referral. 17772688657 www.prescientworldwide.com is another good one if you want to resell T1's and VoIP etc..

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