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SPA962 registers, recieves calls, but can't dial out


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Forgive me, as i am new to this...


Setup pbxnsip on a windows 2008 x64 server, with sip trunk to Callcentric. Using a SPA962 phone which registers with the pbx. I can all into the pbx from the outside, or from another extension to the 962.


From the 962 i can call another extension, voicemail, anything really that is on the pbx. But when i try to dial an outside number, say to my mobile phone, i get a busy signal and the phone displays Call Ended. If i check the Log on the pbx, no activity is seen whatsoever.


I am sure i am missing something obvious, but i haven't been able to determine it from either the Wiki, Callcentric's support doc for pbxnsip, or the 962 user manual.


Thanks in advance!

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Sounds like a dial plan issue. This is the dial plan I use.


Change :1801 to your area code. This allows you to dial 7 digits where 10 are required. This is for 3 digit extension numbers.

This supports 2 digit * codes for PBXnSIP. You still have to watch overlap with the same start code in the phone and PBXnSIP.

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