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Inbound call


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I have a proplem with incoming call's


Incoming call dosent come via gateway, but I can call outbound call's



This is a log file


[1] 2009/06/16 06:33:12: Starting up version

[1] 2009/06/16 06:33:15: Working Directory is C:\Program Files\pbxnsip\PBX

[5] 2009/06/16 06:33:15: Starting threads

[5] 2009/06/16 06:33:16: Trunk 1 (Linkcom) has outbound proxy udp:

[3] 2009/06/16 06:36:32: Source address for <sip:400@>;tag=4f08422e has changed from udp: to udp:


SUBSCRIBE sip:;transport=udp SIP/2.0

Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK-d8754z-596b280a147fd923-1---d8754z-;rport

Max-Forwards: 70

Contact: <sip:400@>

To: <sip:400@>;tag=335bc3f90e

From: <sip:400@>;tag=4f08422e



Expires: 45

User-Agent: X-Lite release 1103d stamp 53117

Authorization: Digest username="400",realm="",nonce="183ab8d2012f56741bd3a7277d956b2f",uri="sip:;transport=udp",response="1a431e5fd904838fc4dd8ef80caeb29c",algorithm=MD5

Event: message-summary

Content-Length: 0



[5] 2009/06/16 06:37:29: Dialplan Standard Dialplan: Match 0449067401@300 to <sip:0449067401@;user=phone> on trunk Linkcom

[5] 2009/06/16 06:37:30: Tuning to new SSRC

[5] 2009/06/16 06:38:00: BYE Response: Terminate 3cc6109f@pbx

[5] 2009/06/16 06:39:16: Dialplan Standard Dialplan: Match 200@ to <sip:200@;user=phone> on trunk Linkcom

[5] 2009/06/16 06:39:18: Connection refused on udp:

[5] 2009/06/16 06:39:18: INVITE Response 500 Network Failure: Terminate 2edad3cb@pbx

[5] 2009/06/16 06:39:18: Connection refused on udp:

[5] 2009/06/16 06:39:31: BYE Response: Terminate f5a7a198@pbx

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