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Snom 360 won't re-register on reboot


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If I manually reboot a Snom 360 - it doesn't RE-REGISTER following the reboot. If I force the RE-REGISTER from the web interface, it works.


Looking at the SIP logs, the phone doesn't response to the 401 challenge following the initial REGISTER. Any ideas?


These phones are configured manually (not using plug n' play). Is there a particular setting on the phone that is stopping it? (by means of a feature). The Registrar\Proxy is set as the PBX - using UDP.

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To reply to myself.


This particular phone had an IP address in the Registrar\Proxy as opposed to a FQDN. If I replaced the IP address with the FQDN it worked fine and the Snom responded to the 401 from PBXnSIP. If I left the IP address in place, it didn't respond - although it recognized it was challenged.

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