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EPID - works very good with Enable911


This is very useful if you have remote employees, and multiple offices that on default all display the company’s main DID as the ANI and you would like the 911 dispatcher to call back the actual extension that called 911, not just the main business number which when being called will be an IVR or after hours greeting etc


What you need to do is

1) Create a trunk that you're going to use for 911 calls and on that trunk set the option of Generate unique extension identifier to Yes

2) Under the extension account go to registration and in the EPID window there should be a 10 digit number, if its empty then put in a * and save it and it will automatically generate the 10 digit EPID

3) Go to your dial plan and set a high preference that when dialing 911 it should use the trunk you just created

Now here is how Enable911 makes use of the EPID:

When you call 911 the call goes thru their switch and they attach a temporary DID to that EPID number, and that number is being displayed to the 911 dispatcher taking your call. they don't know your EPID number only the temp number that Enable911 attached to the EPID

When the 911 dispatcher calls you back on the Temp DID number from Enable911 it will ring to the EPID number and ring directly to the extension with that EPID number


I apologize if I didn’t come out clear with instructions, but wanted to get this out since I know some of you were waiting for it. Once I get time ill make it real nice.

I am willing to help anyone out who needs help

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