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"Call Failed" on display durring active call.

Isaac Schneider

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Has anyone out there come across the problem where phone will drop a call in progress with a message of "Call Failed" on the screen. My guess is that some sip timer value has timed out. It has been difficult problem to capture in a packet trace. This is happening on a CS410 with Aastra 9143i and 57i phones. Network is a small swithed lan with QoS enabled and am doing local POTS trunks on the CS410.


Any Ideas?

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I would place an outbound call, and monitor it in the active calls screen. See if the call changes it's state to connected once the other party picks up. If not, it may be hanging you up based on a timer if the call never goes to the connected state.

If you(phone) have received the call, then the phone may not have received ACK for "200 OK". A wireshark / SIP trace from the PBX can point us to the right direction.

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