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Start our own cfg file


Polycom Configuration  

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  1. 1. would you like to see changes to the Polycom Configuration files?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Yes, but i have been using a diffrent provisioning server since it cant get done
    • No, but i have been using a diffrent provisioning server since it cant get done
    • Yes, and i'm willing to help with the knowledge i have
    • no, but i'm still willing to help with my knowledge

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As some of you guys know that the Polycom IP Phones are capable of doing a lot more then the phone does when its being provisioned with PBXnSIP's PNP.

so has anyone ever built their own files to provision the phones? and if yes, is it possible to just overwrite the main settings the phone gets from the PBX? i would like to add soft keys, get "applications" to work, etc. but still use the PBX to provision the extension, sip password, domain info etc?

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I'm wondering if there is a way to see the configuration the PBX gives the Polycom phones when using PNP?

and can we somehow edit the configuration so all Polycom phones that are provisioning using PNP will use the new configuration?

there are plenty of things that we get requested from clients but we tell them sorry we cant do it since PNP doesn't get it done, if your going to ask why am i even using PNP? is because A) what else can i use? :( its easy to send a phone to a client and just tell them what they have to put into the phones menu and it automatically gets the configuration


also why isn't the PBX Generating files based on the MAC address? instead just based on extension?

Plenty time i want 1 MAC address to get 2 extension and another MAC address to only get 1 Extension provisioned on it, but with the way the PBX currently generates the files, all MAC using an Extension will get that Generated file


I have seen several requests from users to add soft keys or make other changes to the configuration to the Polycom phones being provisioned using PNP but rarely see it get done


What i realized is that you can do unbelievable plenty of things with the Polycom phones if you read up on it, and why should we be able to do it?

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