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MOH: should be provision for a playlist


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At the moment pbxnsip only allows a single music file as a music source.


I really recommend pbxnsip consider making provision for a music on hold file playlist.


I know they can setup the infrastructure to plug an external mp3 player in--People expect if the pbx is on a PC they can drop files into a playlist.


To make it as easy as possible to implement:

add a new MOH type=Playlist.

Filename=a folder in the pbxnsip MOH directory


Inside this folder people could drop their multiple music files.


I know we can say people don't need this. That may be true, but they want it. ;-) Over at 3CX the biggest single feature request was this very feature! (100 posts, 6600 views! on this moh thread!) In version 9 they implemented it.


just a suggestion,


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