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  1. Thanks to some very helpful tips from BillH and some things i learned the very hard way myself here are resources to get you started playing with CSTA and snomONE. #1-to use CSTA over TCP (not use soap) just send your XML using sockets. (with no headers etc.) Here is example VB.net code on how to send CSTA to snom ONE: http://forum.snomone.com/index.php?/topic/4679-trying-to-learnuse-csta/page__view__findpost__p__20860 #2- here are all the currently support CSTA commands snomONE supports: http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=CSTA_api (let me edit this: not all the ones on this page are actually supported--for example "snapshot" isn't. #3- Here are nearly verbatim examples of how to form your CSTA XML requests: http://www.ecma-international.org/publications/files/ECMA-TR/TR-087.pdf #4-You will need to remove the second ? in the examples in the above TR-087.pdf if you are copying. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <GetDoNotDisturb xmlns=“http://www.ecma-international.org/standards/ecma-323/csta/ed3"> <device>sip:tom1@domain.com</device> </GetDoNotDisturb> should be: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"> <GetDoNotDisturb xmlns=“http://www.ecma-international.org/standards/ecma-323/csta/ed3"> <device>sip:tom1@domain.com</device> </GetDoNotDisturb> #5-all us VB people need to double quote variables to make it work: <?xml version=""1.0"" encoding=""UTF-8""> <GetDoNotDisturb xmlns=""http://www.ecma-international.org/standards/ecma-323/csta/ed3""> <device>sip:tom1@domain.com</device> </GetDoNotDisturb> #6-some of the quotation marks used by the TR-087 document use something other than VB quotation marks so to be safe remove all quotation marks and replace them with VB quotation marks if your having trouble. #7- you may need to remove the first several characters of the CSTA XML response that snomONE sends back or VB goes haywire and won't return or pass the variable. Not sure why. just remove first couple chars of XML response using the VB mid function. I hope this saves someone about a week of fiddling. take care all,
  2. mattlandis

    Version 5

    @Lucadef To answer the question of cost of Lync: as of Dec 2012, a Lync Server License costs $3700 plus CALS. See details: http://windowspbx.blogspot.com/2012/11/microsoft-lync-2013-availability-and.html Also, remember that this cost doesn't not include implementation, which can easily be as much as licensing for a small setup. The question immediately comes up, what about Lync Standard Edition (that used to be $699). The short answer is it now costs $3700, below are details: http://windowspbx.blogspot.com/2012/12/can-i-still-buy-install-lync-server.html @snomONE (admin) Since I've been busy with Lync implementations I've been a little sidetracked from snom ONE. I need to say (as someone else did on this thread) that technically snom ONE is an excellent product (so kudos there), but company stability of pbxnsip/snom ONE/vodia is extremely dissappointing, very confidence undermining and I'm sorry to see it.
  3. mattlandis

    Camp On Documentation

    bump--i similar can't find documentation on how CAMP ON works.
  4. mattlandis

    SnomOne based installation for 2000 users

    snom needs to build the concept of "pools" (like Lync) into snom one. ;-)
  5. I think I'm missing something basic. :-P Trying to enable: http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=How_to_enable_options-requests_outside_of_dialogs There is no out_of_dialog_options in the pbx.xml so i added this into the file: <out_of_dialog_options>true</out_of_dialog_options> When I restart snomONE it removes the entry. What am i missing?
  6. mattlandis

    how to enable <out_of_dialog_options> ?

    not sure if it is a bug, but when i ran the above, it indeed did at the "out_of_dialog_options" in the pbx.xml, but as false. i just changed it to true and it seems to stick now. weird. Thanks guys.
  7. mattlandis

    MOS score questions

    This pertains to snom ONE 4.5.x #1- i think the MOS score Graphs on System, Trunks and Extensions is very good. Thanks! #Q2-Is there a way on a MOS graph to drill into the bad calls? If i see a chart with bad calls, first thing tech wants to do is see the details/who/what/when of bad calls... #Q3- Is there a way for the admin to get emailed the call details of a bad MOS call? #Q4- OR: if there are over XX calls with bad quality/ MOS score under XX, the admin get an email? #Q5- I see the "Call Log" now has a MOS score. Great! is there a way to drill into the MOS score details from call log? #Q6-what are other resellers doing to monitor call quality on remote snom ONE pbx's?
  8. i'm curious if there is a way to get a a list of critical errors for the past 2 days (for example) from snom ONE? not with regular events includes, just errors.
  9. mattlandis

    how to integration SnomOne with BlueLync 2010

    this step by step blog post should get your pointed in the right direction: http://windowspbx.blogspot.com/2011/09/using-snom-one-as-sip-trunk-gateway-for.html
  10. mattlandis

    SnomOne Blue problems

    thanks for that update kevin. we need 7xx fw update NOW! ;-)
  11. make sure your snomONE server has connection to the internet with no firewalls blocking traffic. and then try again. also, you are trying to install snom ONE onsite with zero training and never done it before?
  12. mattlandis

    snomONE UC Client

    Glad you like our work. ;-) priority: with snom you just wait. patiently. visual voicemail: this is something snom should do. If our clients need a strong PC client, visual voicemail and those types of things and more we are pointing them at Microsoft Lync.
  13. mattlandis

    Call Invite

    yes, snom 8xx, 3xx (Except snom 300) have a hard button. snom 7xx you can use a context/(one of four below screen) buttons.
  14. mattlandis

    Call Invite

    just put call on hold. call boss and press "conference" button on snom phone (a soft or hard button)
  15. mattlandis

    Lync certified trunk

    Kjeld, snom ONE is not Lync certified. I did start a step by step to integrate lync / snom ONE that may help get you started: http://windowspbx.blogspot.com/2011/09/using-snom-one-as-sip-trunk-gateway-for.html
  16. mattlandis

    Runaway PBX

    off subject--but related: this thread is excellent example of why partners and snom themselves needs to promote staying on the latest version of communication software. snom's current unclear "upgrade path" around licensing is not helping this issue. The only consistent message i'm hearing is "buy the next version when it comes"---this is not a way to incentive people to stay on latest version...actually it is a way to keep them on ancient versions ;-) My suggestion is market this: "your comunication platform is never outdated" and sell something like a "stayupdated for another year/3yr" license at 20% of original license.
  17. haven't tried this yet: can extensions from 2 domains (same server) be provisioned automatically on 1 phone? domain1 ext 200 domain2 ext 100 automatically provisioned to snom 370. thanks
  18. i expected and appreciate the FAST answers! thanks!
  19. i'm glad to see snom invest in snom client/attendant. good move, snom ONE needs it. keep in this direction.
  20. i dont know snom's support statement about counterpath bria (for iphone/android), but I suspect you will have better success with that product.
  21. mattlandis

    snomONE UC Client

    some things to note: -the client already has visual voicemail. opinions: -i would say the format of the client is rough, but good direction. (i would say don't replicate any phone layout on pc) -incoming call pop is essential -phone control would be nice other notes http://windowspbx.blogspot.com/2012/06/snom-releases-windows-uc-client-that.html
  22. mattlandis

    snomONE UC Client

    it doesn't work in live call either... its beta...:-P
  23. mattlandis

    snomONE UC Client

    good. hmm, i expect i had m9softphone installed...
  24. mattlandis

    snomONE UC Client

    i'm using 64bit, win7
  25. mattlandis

    Redundancy with VMWare or Hyper-V

    one fax fail on failover is acceptable. :-P seriously, snom ONE should work great on virualization failover. I see Mitel is really hitting the vmware thing. its how they select partners!