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MediaCodes Verses Patton


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We're trying to decide between Mediacodes gateways or Patton gateways. We have a number of proposals due for PBXnSip we are trying decide which is the better product to use. We looked at the Grandstream products but other other forums have said to stay away from them for business usage.


Your thoughts are appreciated!


Thanks for your input.


Jay Elliott

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we stock and use Patton exclusively.


You might have interest in a survey of gateways vars/admins use on soft-pbx's at my blog:


To summarize: Patton was way ahead of all other players in the survey. I give some reasons I think why.


We tried Audiocodes but had issues with volume on multiple pbx's. They look nice and have nice web gui but after our trouble we moved to Patton with zero issues.



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