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CS410 and Exchange 2007 SP3 UM


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Hi !!


We are setting up an Exchange 2007 UM scenario with pbxnsip cs410 appliance. We have already configured the PBX and it's working fine, we can receive and made calls from/to the outside and between extensions. CS410 integrated voicemail is also working, if an extension doesn't answer, the user gets the option to record a voicemail.


So far ....so good...Now we want to integrate with Exchange 2007 UM, and we have already defined everything according to the PBXnSIP Vsn 4.1 Guide, now when someone calls to an extension; for example ext. 100 and the person doesn't answer the call is getting redirected to the Exchange trunk as supposed (we are using 99$u as External voicemail and 99* and sip:\1@\r;user=phone as input and replacement). When the call arrives to Exchange we were expecting that the voicemail system immediatly began to request to leave a message; but instead of that we are being received by Exchange's automated voice access saying "Welcome to Microsoft Exchange...user 100 please enter your PIN..etc.."


I mean, if someone has called from the outside and the person is not in place, the logical next step is something like "Ext. 100 is not available, please leave a message after the tone" or something like that, the external people does not need to enter to a service that is supposed to be only for Internal users so they can access their messages and calendar and stuff like that.


Can anyone tell me if I missing something in my config ??? As I stated lines above, the configuration has beend made exactly like suggested in PBXnSIP 4.1 Guide Appendix B.





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