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what constitutes a "call attempt failed"?


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We are trying to understand call failed senarios:


#1-We are noticing that if someone dials an external number on a snom phone then hangs up before it is completed, we get a "Default Configuration: Call attempt failed on trunk Patton PSTN Trunk@pbx.xxremovedxx.local with code 486". It seems like this is a different case then if they dialed, waited and call failed (on pstngateway side) and there should be a way to tell the difference? is there a way to tell the difference? [almost like there should be a way to tell a user initiated call abort versus when the pstngateway failed]


#2-Another senario is failover. If a call fails over to another trunk we are getting the same message above. Is there a way to get a failover notice versus a completely failed attempt? Or something like failed "but I have a failover option to try", because if there is no fail over option the error is much more critical.


Are these dumb requests? ;-)

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Is the 486 coming from the Patton? Can you send the log from scenario 1? In regards to scenario 2 there is a setting in the email tab that will send an email when there is a failover condition. The pbx has different options on the trunk to trigger the failover. What are you trying to clean up? The message displayed on the phone or your mind! :)

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You are not addressing my issue with senario #2. Currently if a call "failsover" there is an email sent. What if I want a seperate email that only sends an email when there was a failover that had no other option to try? thats what i'm looking for. A failover I want to know about, but a failover that has no other option to try is critical and I REALLY want to know about it.



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