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Voicemail to multiple recipients


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Is it possible to send voicemail notification to multiple recipients? As in every member of a hunt group. So if we get a tech call and none of our techs can pick it up can it be delivered to all their email? Or do I have to make a catch all for that and then have them all check that?




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you probably don't want an email to each tech...no one will know if the other took care of it then!


What you can do is assign a snom button/light as the message waiting indicator for another phone. This works excellent.


#1-either make a dummy extension or select an ext. that will be the group voicemail.

#2-In that extension click on the "Mailbox" tab, add the extension you want to monitor this vm in "Allow Access for Extensions:"

#3-setup the phones you want to monitor this voicemail to have a button that is a "Message Waiting Indicator" type and the "Parameter" is the voicemail extension.




There are other ways to do this (have extension registered as several extensions...) but i think this is the slickest and designed for the job.


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