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LDAP query for incoming call not right, and LDAP explorer reveal weird info?


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Hi, the snom821 and snom870 directory key work fine - it is going through that action URL http://xx.xx.xx.xx/snom/adrbook.xml?auth=basic

However, when looking up incoming call, it never works. this is using the builtin snomone LDAP server

PCAP trace review that the response to the query string contains the whole directory lists (up to 50 entries), instead of the matched cn. (BTW, the PnP file says telephoneNumber as attribute, but I see telephoneNumber1 in the response from PBX).


I then used a LDAP browser to see what's wrong. It complains about the "missing schema location in rootDSE, using default schema", and it shows the "cn=firstentry", expanding it shows all other user entries nested under it, and it goes on and on (you can keep clicking it and it will keep expanding showing the same CNs).


what did I do wrong?


thank you

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