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Presence - where are we at?


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Over the years I've been trying to get to the bottom of presence in pbxnsip/snom ONE. I'm curious where it stands right now?


I've noted that these release notes say that snom ONE is now a "presence server" and not just "relaying" presence:


pg 26


What method is snom ONE using to set presence? The below?



Also, how does basic call state (registered/idle,alerting,connected) relate to presence?

Is designated presence (http://wiki.snom.com/Category:HowTo:Presence) just allow for more granular definition of "idle"?


Is there a field in snom ONE under an extension that holds the presence state & note?


I know that snom ONE isnt meant to/won't compete with Lync/OCS, but having basic presence would be good.


I'm okay with a theoretical discussion here. No customer breathing down my back on this one. ;-)

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The most common use of "presence" is when someone goes off hook on their phone or makes a call that we send a message to any phones that have subscribed to dialogue state. There is a config parameter that says watch calls of extensions that does this. The other way is to use the button profile and then we use message methods to send status information. Lastly the WAC is supposed to also display if the person is on the phone, DND is set, in an agent group. That was using CSTA in the background. What are you trying to accomplish with the presence info?

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Would like to write a client for snom ONE for several platforms:


-Windows Phone 7



Functionality we would like to include in initial version:

-Presence (idle, on call, ringing, dnd...)

-Presence Note (a feature that lets users say what they are doing right now--see Lync)

-Instant Message

-Perhaps some basic setting changes.


The Presence note we thought we would just use "Parameter 3" if snom won't consider adding a note field. A note field makes client much more social.


We want to limit what we include so we can get it to market asap and with few bugs.

We think that the client should be great looking, natural to use and be very PC oriented.


Also, we are aware of snom's efforts (maybe we can help? ;-) and want to do it anyway to get familiar with snom ONE developement (to help clients) We normally do stuff in .Net.


We've already written an app we call "snomONE monitor". This app shows current calls and allows us to trigger action based on pbx events. For example: if a certain extension is in a call for more than xx minutes hangup the call. (the exact use case is when snom PA1 doesn't hang up after a call for more than 1 minute,hang it up!! appears to be a snom pa1 issue... actually it also emails that it did it too) This app could easily be extended to watch for more events. (say: if callcenter extension xx goes into a call, connect manager in listen in mode?; if service flag xx is turn on, change another service flag...you get the idea)


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There are tools to show who is on the line : pac, wac v1, etc.


Writing a tool like I explained above requires ability to login as a user and collect the info. We are not aware how to do this at the moment. (perhaps we just don't know)


Another thing is doing it in a non-traffice-intensive way.

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