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Inbound Numbers


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I have installed the latest Snom one system on Debian, everything is going well! Except for the Inbound DID's that is missing:


On the Wiki says to match "Account Numbers" but there is no a such field on the trunk settings:


I do have this only: Send call to extension:


Can someone help on this ?



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If you set the "Send Call to Extension" field with some specific account, then the call always goes to that account. But if you have DIDs setup on all the extensions, then you should clear the setting on the "Send call ..." field. If you have DIDs on some accounts and not on all, then you should setup some regular expression based on your numbering on the "Send Call ..." field.


Depending on the number that is received, the PBX will route the call to proper DID/account. Note that 18001115000 is different than 8001115000 if the domain country code is not set. If the domain country code is set to 1, then PBX treats both numbers as same.

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