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Buttons for provisioning correctly


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With Snom 370 fw 8.4.18 and Snom One the buttons configuration in the extension config does not seem to work.

Buttons for the account are set as

Name = 1 Type = Speed dial Parameter = 200 Label= Test

Something seems to be getting mixed up. When the 370 phone is rebooted it gets the new settings ok from snom one but the function key assignment puts the Name, ie. 1 into the parameter field. The function key type gets assigned as 'Button'. The parameter entry in the buttons config doesn't seem to make it anywhere in the phone config.

I have tried the same using domain buttons and assigning that set to the phone, as oppose to extension specific buttons, and the same happens. I could get around this by assigning the button config directly in the phone but it would be far better if I could get this to work from the snom one server.


Any ideas?

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Looking further into this I have come across the following-


If I hard code a speed dial into a snom phone and take a look at the xml settings produced I get the following:

<fkey idx="1" context="active" label="" perm="">dest <sip:40@;user=phone></fkey>


If I use Snom One to try generate the settings I get the following in the program files snom generated directory for the extension:

<fkey idx="1" context="active" perm="RW">button 1</fkey>


So it looks like the Snom One is not generating the files in the required format?

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