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Hi ther, I think Ive found a couple of bugs, wondering if anyone has had a similar experince.


Version running on Linux/Ubuntu10 / Sip trunks


After loading a previously saved config file, a call to the PBX number is unobtainable. The trunk shows registered and o/g calls can be made. In the trunk settings, the trunk is set to send the call to hunt group 72. If I re-enter 72 and save, the call now goes through! It seems as though although the trunk is set to route to 72, it does not, it goes no where?


Another issue is upon re-loading the config, all the speedials are missing. On checking the pbx.zip folder and browsing to addressbook, it shows all the xml files with the speedials yet it dosnt load? (set to save as 500mb)


Any ideas?

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