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Different Cal Ids for ACD calls

hasan özgilik

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My cdr settings:





Getting two cdr files that has different call Ids. And only one of them has SoundPath. How can combine them. And why producing different callIds for same call.


Also $c is remote_call_id but produce callee numbers(1002,800 ...) is not it sipcallId.


One more thing , Some of sipcallIds long , some of short , what is the meaning?


Thanks a lot.

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PBX is a B2BUA. So you will get 2 CDRs with different call ids.


The call id itself, PBX should write/send the sip call id instead of the some internal call id. We will fix that if it is not fixed already.


Update: Well, in the recent versions, the file format is fixed. What PBX version are you using?

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We have tried the last version but the problem is still continue.


But I recognize that

When CDR URL is file:disk no problem.Master call id comes.

For Example A Transfer call cdrs

pbx.centricall.com,YjI0MGUxMjMxMzBjYjQ1MDRkYWZlNTIwMjNhZDQxYTI.,b1803475@pbx,Agent 2 (6001),Agent 3 (6002),O,attendant,20110624170826,20110624170830,20110624170846,,,,\REC\20110624/170830-i-6002-6001.wav,,,6003,


pbx.centricall.com,YjI0MGUxMjMxMzBjYjQ1MDRkYWZlNTIwMjNhZDQxYTI.,becd7036@pbx,Agent 2 (6001),Agent 3 (6002),O,attendant,20110624170846,20110624170851,20110624170858,,,,\REC\20110624/170851-i-6003-6001.wav,,,6003,


pbx.centricall.com,YjI0MGUxMjMxMzBjYjQ1MDRkYWZlNTIwMjNhZDQxYTI.,YjI0MGUxMjMxMzBjYjQ1MDRkYWZlNTIwMjNhZDQxYTI.,Agent 2 (6001),Agent 3 (6002),I,attendant,20110624170826,20110624170830,20110624170859,,6001,,\REC\20110624/170830-o-6002-6001.wav \REC\20110624/170851-o-6002-6001.wav,,udp:,6003,


When CDR URL is cdr: problem occurs . Master Ids is not coming.


"Agent 2" <sip:6001@pbx.centricall.com>,"Agent 3" <sip:6002@pbx.centricall.com>,a87fb28f@pbx,attendant,pbx.centricall.com,en,,1308923905,0,6,,,6001@pbx.centricall.com,6002@pbx.centricall.com,,5,,20110624165825,165825,20110624,6002,O,6002,9,-5224,\REC\20110624/165816-i-6002-6001.wav


"Agent 2" <sip:6001@pbx.centricall.com>,"Agent 3" <sip:6002@pbx.centricall.com>,568be2e8@pbx,attendant,pbx.centricall.com,en,,1308923914,0,6,,,6001@pbx.centricall.com,6002@pbx.centricall.com,,5,,20110624165834,165834,20110624,6003,O,6002,5,-5228,\REC\20110624/165829-i-6003-6001.wav


"Agent 2" <sip:6001@pbx.centricall.com>,"Agent 3" <sip:6002@pbx.centricall.com>,M2YyMWNlNWQ1Mjk4MDhmOGFmZTU1N2Q0MjkzZmJlODA.,attendant,pbx.centricall.com,en,6001@pbx.centricall.com,1308923914,0,6,,,6001@pbx.centricall.com,6002@pbx.centricall.com,,5,,20110624165834,165834,20110624,6001,I,6002,18,-5215,\REC\20110624/165816-o-6002-6001.wav \REC\20110624/165829-o-6002-6001.wav



Is There a Cdr setting for getting master call Id.

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