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RFC3325 (Custom)


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I wanted to see specifically what the option RFC3325 for "Remote Party/Privacy Indication" is?


We are currently using RFC3325, but don't hide as our Remote Party/Privacy Indication because it is the only way for the caller ID of inbound PSTN calls routed out to cellphone numbers to display correctly.


If we use RFC3325 P-Preferred, outbound calls to certain cellphone numbers display as "Unknown" and our switch confirms this (the switch actually shows the pbx is sending "pbx0X") as the ANI instead of an actual phone number.


RFC3325 but don't hide is working for ANIs, but it does not let caller ID blocking work. (i.e. *67 does NOT block outbound caller ID).



So, I'm hoping this RFC3325 custom option might be the answer to our issues but I have yet to find any documentation on it.


Could you please provide what this does specifically?




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