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Why are new tickets disabled on support.snom.com?


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Creating new tickets seems to be disabled globally on support.snom.com.


It's hard to have confidence that Snom will continue to be responsive to hardware and software problems when bug reports are no longer being accepted.


Is this a temporary website problem, or is it a change in policy?



Vielen Dank!

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Hi there, I asked the same question and this was the answer:



Thanks for the info...



Snom, if you're listening... direct bug reports are essential.


End-customer technical staff need to able to have confidence that Snom will be responsive when a real technical problem occurs in the software or hardware, and I would think it would be essential to Snom's ability to fix problems as well.


Let's not forget... this is not a "consumer" product. A VoIP phone system is typically operated by professionals in some regard, if the end customer is not technical enough to self-manage their phone system, they wouldn't be the ones filing a bug report anyway, it would always be the VAR in those cases. All this change has done, really, is cut off the operators of in-house managed systems from being able to give direct information to Snom when they discover a bug.


Please restore bug reporting!

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