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  1. Well, but I can confirm that it still exists in current 4.3.5xxx versions too (I just haven't tested the recent 4.3.5020), see Ticket 20110901226 for more information.
  2. This is something we're facing since a few months too, and have already a ticket regarding this going on. With the early 4.3.5xxx versions this was almost fixed, haven't checked the release version yet. Until, Snom was not able to fix it officially, they were able to reprduce it, but came not up with solution yet (at least it hasn't been communicated to us yet).
  3. Is there maybe also a Win32 Build available?
  4. Hi there, this is a known issue (we're having the same) when you dont bind the Meeting Point to a fixed codec. Choose the codec of your choice from the list in the account settings and this issue will be solved. It is a problem with the MP's firmware and already on Snom's bug list, but I dont have the corresponding ticket ID at my hands ATM. See also here: http://forum.snomone.com/index.php?/topic/4795-meetingpoint-one-way-audio-on-outgoing-calls/ Regards,
  5. Is it possible to get access to the intermediate Beta versions, like it was until a few weeks ago? Thanks,
  6. Thanks for providing that list. What I'm missing are variables for - systemname - trunkname - trunk registration target host
  7. As we're already on verison 4, any plans on integrating that? All other systems that I know allow such kind of outbound calling at the desired time, and our users asking for that too. Thanks for reconsidering that!
  8. Any news on that? I could not find a place on the admin interface to see all planned conferences, or I am missing something?
  9. Hi katerina, thanks a lot, this worked like a charm, didn't thought it will be that easy
  10. Hi there, here's the situation: I have a VoIP domain (abc.local) with one trunk which has the main number 001-123-001...199, and so far every account gets one identity from that range. Now I want to add a second trunk with the number 001-789-001...199 and want to add an identity from that range to every phone as second identity. For incomming calls both should be callable, and for outgoing the user should be able to choose between them, which I know the phones do support. Any hint in which direction I should go? I was thinking about multiple VoIP domains on the same host, all with it's own range, but I think this is not what I'm looking for so any help is appreciated! Doing this manually phone-by-phone is not that hard, but I'm looking for an integrated solution with SnomOne... Thanks,
  11. @Snom: FYI, there's already a similar bug which I registered in the ticketsystem which also belongs to the LDAP returns when you add something manually to the addressbook: SONE-134 or 20111010970.
  12. Thanks both of you for this insight! @snom ONE: To which of the graphs are you referring?
  13. Does this only happen on the 3xx series? Our MOS graph is looking very similar, sometimes even more worse and I never figured out what causes the system to behave like that on an internal Cat6 Gbit LAN with 870 devices... Really looking forward to the day when Snom changes the graphs to something like jqPlot which will allow to chose a datapoint from the graph and it will display the relevant data of....*dreams*... EDIT: See attachement.
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