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  1. Our snom phones within the office are connected to the pbx using sip over tls for security reasons. Some of our users also have a second phone within their home office (using a VPN) where the connection has to pass a firewall between home office and the pbx. SIP signaling works without any problems, but RTP could not pass the firewall as the SIP ALG was unable to inspect the SIP traffic to open the necessary ports. As the connections is already secured by VPN it should be ok to revert back to udp (or tcp) in this cases to make RDP work properly without opening a huge port range in both directi
  2. Hello, I would like to give some feedback regarding quality assurance: it doesn't matter which release we use, each version contains a lot of bugs and if we move to a newer version as we get rid of some bugs, we're aware that we'll get new ones. Some examples: In version 62.1 we had much problems with older snom 370 as the BLF did no longer work properly, so we had to update to 63.0.6. Using this version fixed the previous problem but auto provisioning of the snom D385 did no longer work. The next update to 64.0.3 fixed the problem with the D385 auto provisioning but now the phone LE
  3. Hello, while testing with the snom D385 we noticed that the four display buttons were not configured properly. Within the PBX it's possible to define the "Function Keys" at "Phones -> Parameter -> snom" with individual key events but they are (at least) are not part of the provisioning of the D385. To fix this I've included the following to my snom_buttons.xml template: {if model == "385"} <gui_fkey1 perm="RW">{parameter snom-700-f1}</gui_fkey1> <gui_fkey2 perm="RW">{parameter snom-700-f2}</gui_fkey2> <gui_fkey3 perm="RW">{parameter s
  4. this worked many thanks for the fast help
  5. We're currently testing the new Snom D385 phone with LCD button labels. When assigning the phone buttons we noticed that the "private line" feature of the phone does not work as expected: If you assign a private line to a button using the phone web interface itself and you do not provide a custom label the button is automatically labeled with "Private line", as soon as you're using this line the label in the button display changed to the remote party number (or name) so that you can see which call is on each line (really cool feature due to the LCD labels). If you configure the private line
  6. the ""Shared Business CA 4" cert is included - see https://forum.vodia.com/topic/15587-deutsche-telekom-deutschlandlan-sip-trunk/?tab=comments#comment-44974 Well did you evaluate this? As written in my initial post the DeutschlandLAN SIP-Trunk worked with V61, the errors just occurred since we updated to V62 (if we downgrade to V61 it works again!). As the certs are included in the PBX and the trunk was setup with the assistant it looks to me like a bug in the Vodia PBX and not an error from Deutsche Telekom.
  7. the server dos not respond to https (port 443) requests, you have to connect on SIP/TLS port 5061 to get the cert like this: openssl s_client -connect n-ipr-a02.sip-trunk.telekom.de:5061 I got the following cert: -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- MIIGeTCCBWGgAwIBAgIIXVh5CMjBeKEwDQYJKoZIhvcNAQELBQAwgdYxCzAJBgNV BAYTAkRFMSUwIwYDVQQKExxULVN5c3RlbXMgSW50ZXJuYXRpb25hbCBHbWJIMR8w HQYDVQQLExZULVN5c3RlbXMgVHJ1c3QgQ2VudGVyMRwwGgYDVQQIExNOb3Jkcmhl aW4gV2VzdGZhbGVuMQ4wDAYDVQQREwU1NzI1MDEQMA4GA1UEBxMHTmV0cGhlbjEg MB4GA1UECRMXVW50ZXJlIEluZHVzdHJpZXN0ci4gMjAxHTAbBgNVBAMTFFNoYXJl ZCBCdXNpbmVzcyBDQSA0MB4
  8. After upgrading from V61 to V62 our DeutschlandLAN SIP-Trunk from Deutsche Telekom does not work any more, the logfile says the the certificate can not be verified: /usr/local/pbx/log_2019-01-09.txt:[5] 20190109173733: Certificate for n-ipr-a02.sip-trunk.telekom.de could not be verified /usr/local/pbx/log_2019-01-09.txt:[5] 20190109174313: Certificate for n-ipr-a02.sip-trunk.telekom.de could not be verified /usr/local/pbx/log_2019-01-09.txt:[5] 20190109174445: Certificate for n-ipr-a01.sip-trunk.telekom.de could not be verified /usr/local/pbx/log_2019-01-09.txt:[5] 20190109180146: C
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