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  1. After a manual update to 5.4.1 it works, thank you.
  2. I have a trouble ticket for support to look at it and I will update this when they figure out what it is. Just curious though, is there a way to manually update the PBX from command line? Steve
  3. So I tried my first install in on a Raspberry PI 3 as per the Raspberry install instructions. I am using the NOOBX installer of the current version of Raspbian. It seems to install ok and the pbx service is running. When I try to load the web page I get the welcome.htm but it is all in text no images. I attached screen cap of what I get. Is the PI 3 not supported yet or am I just missing a step? Thank you! Steve
  4. I sent you a PM with the PCAP.
  5. Hi guys, I have been having a bit of an issue when it comes to one way audio through an incoming vitelity trunk on a TLS connected phone. So I was playing around with the ports and pow, no audio at all in TLS, I can get two way audio in UDP. And when I say no audio, no audio on the trunk or when dialing voicemail. If the call makes it to my cellphone, no problem. I have factory reset the PBX and no luck with audio in TLS, am I going to have to wipe the system and start again? Also, no audio from webRTC now either. I have changed routers to make sure this wasn't the issue. Still could be but UDP calls to and from the Vodia PBX and another PBX work flawlessly. The router's nat profile is port-restricted cone on both routers. I put the phone in the DMZ and no help there. Thanks, Steve
  6. Steve B


    On webRTC when i make a call from the browser, am I missing where the keypad is or is that a work in progress? For instance if I call the voice mail, how do I enter a number You guys are making this thing hard to beat, keep up the good work.
  7. Have you tried just transferring to the park orbit? If the park orbit was 123 then transfer to 123, that is how I have grandstreams do it.
  8. I will see if I can get my hands on one to send back to you. I got it approved to send you a GXP2100 as long as we can get it back sometime. Let me know where to send it. I also have a GXW4104 gateway I can let you borrow, I know it is not a phone but if it is of use I will send it.
  9. I noticed Grandstream support for 140x, is there a possibility the 1450 plus the 21xx/22xx line may be coming soon. I have a job with these phones on it and the BLFs give me an issue. If a phone reboots, all the BLFs go blank until the corresponding extension or parking spot is used then the buttons work fine until the next reboot.
  10. I like the two Sangoma Vega 100 PRI appliances I have installed. They do not break, the only trouble ticket was when TLS broke on the PBX and I had to reboot it. The Patton FXO gateways have been good to me also.
  11. I think this is a fantastic idea, good way to weed out the solicitors from a legitment company calling in that is using a dialer.
  12. I havent seen the release notes on this, does it address any problems with hunt group ringing in version 5.10? We are having issues where only certain phones will ring in a hunt group (all TCP) instead of all the ones listed but all the phones get the missed call text message.
  13. Thank you. I have the country code set to 1 but anytime the PBX uses the extension ANI it sends 1+10 digit (extension ANI) as the caller ID even if i Have it set to 10 digit. What worked for me was making multiple outbound accounts liek you said, setting the Trunk ANI to the desired DID, and setting the from and remote party ID headers to Trunk ANI, worked perfectly. Thank you for your help.
  14. I have a feeling this may be an easy one but need some help. I have my Snomone 5.10 connecting through a Vega 100 to a PRI with multiple rate centers. The Company I am working with has three locations, all with differnt 911 centers. When the PBX makes an outbound call either the PBX or the gateway is adding a 1 to the 10 digit CID. The carrier expects 10 digits on 911 calls to choose the right 911 center and defaults to the main BTN if it gets more. So my problem is that all 911 calls are ging to the default BTN because the carrier sees an 11 digit CID (they see this in their logs). Any help would be great, right now I am able to redirect calls to the Non emergency numbers until I can get this fixed.
  15. If you disconnect the line cord from the card can you dial them from a regular analog handset? If so, have you checked the dial plan to see if the first few digits may be being picked up by another dialing pattern? If that is not the problem, does the log file show that the proper number is being sent to the card? That is where I would start, work form the physical side to the software side.
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