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Patton 4552 and Snom ONE Problem


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When we turn on a service flag that redirects an incoming call to a mobile phone the caller doesnt hear the ring tone (tut tut)

The mobile phone rings and u can take the call, but on the side of a caller u think that the phone is dead and mostly callers hang up early.


We got an Patton 4552 (ISDN) and Snom ONE.


When i make an INTERN call to the redirected Extensions i hear the "tut tut". Only when the call comes from outside (from the Patton) u dont hear the ring.


We had an Asterisk Administrator here but he couldnt find the Problem neither.


What can u tell me to look for or check?


with regards



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Playing ringback depends on couple of things

  • If the incoming trunk has "Media" set for the trunk->Ringback, then PBX plays ringback until there is an SIP 200 OK message (need not be the real answer)
  • If it is set to Message 180, then the caller's network will play the ringback until they receive 200 OK.

So you can try changing that on the PBX.


Since the gateway is also involved here, sometime they send 200 OK first and then dial out the number. If that is the case, you may have to dig into Patton.

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