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Need a 0 in front of incoming numbers


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my dial plan allows outbound calls if my useres dial a 0 in front of each number. Now the problem is, that all incoming calls do not have the 0 in front of it and the users can not make a direct call back.


How can i set a 0 in front of each incomin call? In the "send call to extension" field i have this !([0-9]{2}$)!\1!t!500!


And please no discussion about the 0 in front of. We need this.


Thanks and kind regards



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Looking at the pattern you have, you are routing the incoming calls to accounts/extensions based on the last 2 digits of the "To" field of the incoming INVITE. You can replace the "\1" with "0\1" to achieve what you want from the pattern point of view. But if you do that your incoming calls won't complete as PBX will be looking for account 040 instead of 40 (for example).


So you need to handle this in the dial plan replacement.

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You can have another entry at the end


200 trunk * 0*


With this entry, if none of the first 4 patterns matches, then PBX will prefix 0 to whatever the user dials and send it out on the trunk.


BTW, I would not keep the 'pref' as 100 for all the entries there. Based on the priority I would change them to 101, 102, 103, 104 & 200

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