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Changing CDR format


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We are going to use an external software provider to analyze and bill the CDR's. But the software vendor is asking us to change the CDR format , so that their software works. The problem is, that the format they want us to change is the one that refers to the CSV file. I already changed the format , but then I read In the users manual, that the format that can be changed is the one that the ip-PBX sends via tcp, and NOT the one that generates in the CSV file. My question is, how can I change the CDR format that applies to the CSV file?


Thank you very much for your help.

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Thank you for your reply.


The external provider of the software is asking me to identify which field names does the CSV format contain (which is which?). I have read the User's Manual, and it is not clear what are the field names that the CSV file contains (and in which order). The following are TWO calls, one outbound and the other inbound. as an example of the CSV file that the IP-PBX is giving me:



pbx.virtual.com 4dd6b7832a2dd0774682368018c3dc76@ 2db53393@pbx Convergence Demo (454) 49911286 O trunk 20110818080625 20110818080640 20110818080732 Demo 454 49911286


pbx.virtual.com 3f38a546483ad3c75afd47434c36d0fb@ 3f38a546483ad3c75afd47434c36d0fb@ 49911286 Convergence Demo (454) I mailbox 20110818081001 20110818081001 20110818081005 Demo 49911286 udp: 454 5


It is curious that the system is not calculating the call duration.


The version of Snom One we are using is 2011- (Win32).


Could you please describe what do each of these fields represent?


Waiting for your replay.


Thank you very much for your help.

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