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Incoming calls not working


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I'm having trouble getting incoming calls to work. I have installed 2011- (Darwin). Outgoing calls work, but incoming don't seem to do anything. I tried setting up the trunk "Send call to extension" to an extension number that was an actual extension to which I had a YateClient connected and I tried to an "Auto Attendant" which should play a message. But neither worked.


I also tried two different SIP-providers for the incoming calls (Voipbuster with voip-in number connected to it and one from the Belgian provider weepeetelecom.be).


My computer is directly connected to an ADSL-line (so no NAT in between). It is however also connected to a NAT via an other network interface.


Does anybody have a clue what might be causing this? I added the logs as attachment (I did change some addresses and numbers for privacy).




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I would first upgrade the version to 2011- (This is snom ONE version, if you have to pbxnsip license, please don't use this update) http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Upgrades#Update_Downloads_.28windows.2C_Linux_and_Mac.29_for_2011-


As you have already setup, use the "Send call to extension" to send calls to Auto Attendant and make sure that you have the audio files in the 'audio_en' (or whichever language that you use) folder.

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Thanks for the quick response! I did the upgrade and am now running 2011- (Darwin). But the problem still exists.


I have attached news logs, using this newer version.


Regarding the audo file: I uploaded this via the webinterface and when I simply call extension "1" (which is the Auto Attendant), I do hear the expected audio. So the Auto Attendant itself seems to work.


Any ideas?



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It looks like a setup or SIP messaging issue. The PBX does not send anything after "100 trying" back the provider.


Can you try one of the following tests?

  • Send the call to different account, say a registered extension, instead of AA 1.
  • Can you try to create a auto attendant with 2 or 3 digit account & send the call there ?


If none of these work, then can you PM the remote login info to the system so that we can login from here and check the config?

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