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Provide multiple Identities to phone with SnomONE


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Hi there,


here's the situation:


I have a VoIP domain (abc.local) with one trunk which has the main number 001-123-001...199, and so far every account gets one identity from that range.

Now I want to add a second trunk with the number 001-789-001...199 and want to add an identity from that range to every phone as second identity.


For incomming calls both should be callable, and for outgoing the user should be able to choose between them, which I know the phones do support.


Any hint in which direction I should go? I was thinking about multiple VoIP domains on the same host, all with it's own range, but I think this is not what I'm looking for so any help is appreciated! :)

Doing this manually phone-by-phone is not that hard, but I'm looking for an integrated solution with SnomOne...



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I think you could just create two blocks of extensions: 3001...3199 and 9001...9199 . Then configure one extension from each block for each phone. Provisioning based on MAC-address should also work (it will provision two identities on the phone), provided all extensions are in the same domain.


At incoming calls, you can route the call to the extension by using the last 4 digits of the destination number.

For outgoing calls, you can use the same trunk but you would need to manually setup the ANI for each extension.


Alternatively, you can use two domains, and separate trunks and dialplans for each domain. The only problem here is that you won't be able to provision the second identity on the phone (the system will not allow you to use the same MAC address on two extensions from different domains)

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