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one way audio only with snom meeting point


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Hello all,


I have a really strange case !

I have a snom one+ blue with a sonic wall TZ as firewall.


Connected to this snom one, I have several snom 821 that are working correctly.


I have also a nom meeting point and with this snom meeting point, when I do an outgoing call I have voice only in 1 way ( no incoming voice) but if I do an incoming calls, all is ok.


on the TZ , no log message indicating that some RTP traffic is dropped.


any Idea?






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Hi there,


this is a known issue (we're having the same) when you dont bind the Meeting Point to a fixed codec.

Choose the codec of your choice from the list in the account settings and this issue will be solved.


It is a problem with the MP's firmware and already on Snom's bug list, but I dont have the corresponding ticket ID at my hands ATM.


See also here: http://forum.snomone.com/index.php?/topic/4795-meetingpoint-one-way-audio-on-outgoing-calls/



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