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From field ignored?


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Hi all,


Just installed a system with SPA-942's - simple setup with 4 phones and a single hunt group to ring them all. Set the hunt group to show the group name (number), however it only ever shows the number. I've checked the invite and it looks correct, it appears the linksys is just ignoring everything except for the number. Any idea how to change this? I assume it's a setting on the phone but I can't see anything obvious.


Also, any ideas if there's a firmware that suppots the reason header?





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The hunt group is setup on a DDI with 310, with the group name "freephone number". If I set the PBXnSIP hunt group to show the groupname and incoming number, on snom/polycoms etc. it'll come up and say "freephone number (0123456789)". On the 942's, it's just giving the number, however the invite looked correct. I have to admit, I didn't spent a lot of time checking as it was only a minor annoyance.

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I haven't tried the DDI feature but I would think you would want to see the caller ID (name and number) of the calling party. Sorry I can't shead any light on this issue.


The Group Name is sent by the Instant Message method from PBXNSIP.


If your phone(s) don't support this method you will not get the Group Name to appear in the LCD display of the phone.


We found this out when we tried to get the Group Name sent to our Aastra phones.


As you pointed out, the Snom's work OK since they support the method.


Look at the SIP Message when a phone Registers. See if there is the word MESSAGE in the Allow: line.


Aastra tech support says they are not supporting it (yet). Maybe the same for Linksys?


Hope this helps...


Bill H

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