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HTML Template missing


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We have recently installed a snom ONE Plus (Yellow) which works very well.

The problem I have is that when I go to the Admin --> Web Page Control menu, all of the HTML Templates are missing, apart from 2 which I modified.


When the system was originally set up the list was complete with every single XML file in there.

I'm not sure at what point they disappeared, but it was either after an update or after switching around the primary domain and one of it's aliases.

I have SSH access to the box if I need to change and config files.


Below (and attached) is a screenshot:



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Generally, these things happen if you have some custom html under '/usr/local/snomONE/html' folder or some error happened during the "Web Page control" customization.


If you undo the customization, you should get the templates back. You can undo by -

  • ssh to the PBX
  • delete the webpages folder (Make sure you know what changes to make on snom_370.xml and snom_3xx_phone.xml later)
  • delete html folder (if any. Also make sure to backup this folder, if you have other stuff here)
  • restart the PBX
  • Login to PBX web & verify you see all the templates again.
  • Redo the changes on snom_370.xml and snom_3xx_phone.xml

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