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Default tones per trunk on incoming calls


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We have several trunks on the same domain, some of which are UK numbers and some of which are German numbers. The default tones for the system are set (intentionally) to German, but this means that callers into the PBX via a UK trunk are hearing a German ring tone. Ideally this should probably be a per-trunk setting, but is there perhaps a workaround for this which will avoid us having to set up a second domain for the UK trunks? Or is it posssible to force the provider to provide the ringback for external incoming calls?

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If you set the "Trunk->Ringback(Support early media)": to "Message 180", then the provider sends the ringback. If they do not, then you can follow the below.


Since the release, we have added an option to upload as many ringback wav files as possible(using System->Settings->Upload audio page) to the system. These ringback tones can be selected under the domain or specific extension. This should provide you an easy way to pick and choose what ringback to be played per destination.


Yes, you can separate the UK and German numbers into different domains and assign country specific trunks to those domains. Maybe it is easier to manage.

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Thanks. I hadn't realised the ringback could also be selected on individual Hunt Groups, which works fine for us as we have distinct hunt groups for the UK trunks. This is preferable to changing to Message 180 or using differnt domains.

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