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Dial Plan Location, Timeout, General


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So, my core objective is to have 10 digit dialing without a prefix for a specific trunk. It seems the default dial plan requires a 1+10 digits. Anything else falls into the 2-digit extension dial plan. (I've been using 'North America 2 digit extension'.)


I'm confused because I don't see how the dial timeouts play into this. Assuming all dial plans have 4 second timeouts (as defined by 'snom_3xx_dialplan_usa2.xml'), shouldn't I have 4 seconds to put in ANY combination before it's 'judged'? I've also put in a "<template match=".........." timeout="4" user="phone"/>" option in that same file.


So, after a day of fiddling with this, I have to ask:


-What is the relationship between dialplans.xml vs snom_3xx_dialplan_usa2.xml (and the other similar files)?

-There also seem to be different syntaxes used between these files, how does that play in?

-One piece of documentation refers to creating a 'custom' entry in dialplan.xml, but there doesn't seem to be an option in that file for timeouts.

-Is that how timeouts are expected to work?


Current behavior is that as soon as anything matching ([2-7][0-9]) is typed into the phone, it tries to submit it, resulting in an error. The rest of a 10 digit phone number can't be entered.


Sorry for the rambling opening post. Any help in understanding how the system uses the dialplan definitions is appreciated.

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snom_3xx_dialplan_usa2.xml and other similarly named files are the history (i.e., we do not use them any more).


The dialplan is now controlled by 'dialplans.xml', which uses the regular expressions for the dialplans and snom phones DO NOT support timeouts in those patterns :-(.

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