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Transcoding showing up more on the log file


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Since moving from pbxnsip to snom one I have noticed the media CPU usage graph a little higher then normal - even without people playing recordings via the web interface.



Can you look at this and tell me if this is normal?


[6] 2012/05/24 10:13:01:

Call-leg 134: Sending RTP for 34dfca20e4@(my voip proxy ip) to (ip removed):6020, codec not set yet


[6] 2012/05/24 10:13:02:

Call-leg 134: Codec g729/8000 is chosen for call id 34dfca20e4@(my voip proxy ip)


[6] 2012/05/24 10:13:07:

Call-leg 135: Codec g729/8000 is chosen for call id b06fd3c8@pbx


[6] 2012/05/24 10:13:07:

Call-leg 135: Sending RTP for b06fd3c8@pbx to (ip removed):49990, codec g729/8000



[6] 2012/05/24 10:19:09:

Call port 134: Different Codecs (local nse/8000, remote g729/8000), callid b06fd3c8@pbx, falling back to transcoding



In the actual call log this call was an incoming call to a DID in the PBX. The call started at 10:13am lasted 6 minutes and ended at 10:19am - it looks like when the call was ending at 10:19am that's when the PBX wanted to do transcoding.


We have each trunk set to G729 first then G711 second.



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