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Key System Hold Issue


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Hello thanks in advance for the help.


I have setup a snomOne yellow with snom 300,320,370 phones. There are 8 CO lines from the NBE: nbe1-8. I have set the 12 button profile to have shared lines on buttons 1-8. Then I setup Park Orbit extensions of 1,2,3 and assigned Park Orbit buttons to buttons 9,10,11 and button 12 is a Night Mode. The probelm I'm having is when a call comes into any CO line and the user puts them on hold with the "Hold" button there is no way to get the phone back to an "On Hook" state - the phone constantly emits dialtone. We tried using the X button and picking up the handset and hanging it up all with no success. Any advice would be much appreciated.





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That is peculiar. What version of the phone firmware are you running? What version of the snomone?


It sounds like the call waiting dialtone is on. You can add the line <cw_dialtone>off</cw_dialtone> to the snom_3xx_phone.xml and see if that works. Before doing that, login to a phone and change it manually under adavanced-->audio-->Dial Tone During Hold. Change it to off and see if that solves your issue.

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