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With personal virtual assistant, I should have 4 options,

1 Make an Outbound Call 2 Receive a Callback

3 Go to Your Voicemail

4 Go to the Auto Attendant

For obscure reasons, when I call from my cell to the system I get offer choices 1, 2 ,3 (with guidance message) and 4 with no guidances or action if press... Event if I press 4 the system is repeating the choices.

What should I be looking at?

It use to work fine but it kind of stop offering me choice 4...

Cell phone is configured and working.

Since that time, when call are forward to cell phone event with "press 1" setting, to accept the call... I do not get offer that option and the call is transferred. (Win32)


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mmm... It look like a bug... Rate was set up for Trunk and Extensions. When removed, everything got back to normal... Can you investigate?


the quick fix was to disable rate and account balance...




FYI, by dint of searching and reinstall my snomONE I found why the callback function was not proposed in the Personal Virtual Assistant.


Indeed, for this option to be proposed in the Personal Virtual Assistant, it is essential that a "Calling Card" account is present in the system (leave the default options). If this service does not exist then it will only offer 3 choices (outbound call, mailbox, Auto Attendant).


More, to change the Personal Virtual Assistant language in French, you have to select language French in the "Web Language" and not the "IVR Language" (I do not know why ) for the extension parameters (or domain default parameters).


No logic in it but hey it works!


Tested on version 4 and 5


Sorry for my english (google translate) cause i'm french





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