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Calls Stuck in Alerting

Bill H

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Version: (Win32) PBXnSIP


Quite often when I look in Status/Calls there are calls showing up that are 2 hours (or more) old with "alerting"



If I check at 4PM this is what I see:

2012/06/21 14:12:44 1408xxxxxxx@localhost 256@localhost alerting


Also, in the pbx.xml file I have this file: expired-72561.txt


With the following data:

Type: caller

From: <sip:1408xxxxxxx@localhost>

To: <sip:256@localhost>




Start: 1340229259.37

Domain: 1

Call-ID: b7c0b4c9@pbx#7155

IVR-State: c2d2



State: alerting


And to make it even more interesting, the number 1408xxxxxxx@localhost did not call in.


Our extension/User 256@localhost made the call OUT...


This happens frequently during the day.

Sometimes it will lock the system up with too many "alerting" calls.


Any ideas???

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I think you are on the right track here.


We do have 15 people using "Click to Dial" all day long with about 50+ calls per user.


This adds up to well over 700+ "Click to Dial" calls a day.


You stated: "Maybe there error handling on the click to dial has some issues."


Who would there (their) be?


Is this something internal to PBXnSIP or caused externally?

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