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Agent Group Caller Options: Still available after connection to Agent

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After dealing with some issues of our customers with call interruptions, we found that the caller option within an agent groups keeps available even the caller is connected to an agent. If, by chance, the caller touches a button of his phone while speaking with an agent, the call is disconnected and transferred to the destination of Agent Group.


Of course, it is a nice feature to get out of a queue, offering the caller "if you do not want to wait longer, press x to get transferred to the mailbox". But if this option isn't disabled as soon as the caller is connected to an agent, this feature turns into a bug. Some callers really pressed a button by chanche while speaking (e. g. using phones with buttons inside the headset) and got transferred to the mailbox, believing the agent puts them there. The Agent worried about the calls loosed and we got the issues here.

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